Get Your Personal Style

Your personal style is expressed in everything you do. When it comes to fashion your style is evident in the patterns and texture of fabrics you like to wear as well as your accent pieces such as jewelry, handbags and shoes. When you are aware of your style and feel comfortable with it then you can express yourself with confidence.You can visit ocrun.com, fanplusfriend and so on for details.

Take a moment to decide which one of the four style preferences best suits you - classic, romantic, sporty or dramatic? The classic style has an elegant traditional look and wears timeless garments. The romantic style has a soft feminine look and prefers to wear dresses and skirts rather than pants. The sporty style likes casual comfortable clothes and prefers natural fabrics. The dramatic style is sophisticated, turns heads and likes to wear the latest trends.

You may be thinking, what if my personal style is sporty and I am attending a gala event or my style is dramatic and I am attending a ball game? How can I feel confident, express my style and still fit the occasion? All occasions will not fit our personal style but if we know our style well enough we can make accommodations. The sporty style would feel comfortable at a gala event wearing long, flowing pants, and simple top and low (but elegant) shoes. The dramatic style can feel comfortable at a ball game wearing a leather jacket, a bold print top and angular jewelry.


Show off Your Beauty with lolita dress

Lolita is one of Japan's many popular street fashions that is growing in popularity in the Western world, meant to make the wearer look elegant and innocent. It is very popular among girls who like to pursue fashion and beauty. Now i will show you one of lolita dresses for your reference.

Look at Cheap Charming Black and White Ruffled Cotton Lolita Suit, which is designed with long sleeves and ruffled design. It is a perfect combination with colour of white and black, which looks very generous, mature and sexy. What’s more, there is a black bowknot as a decoration in the neckline, which looks very fashionable and beautiful. White lace from the front looks very nice. It's made of cotton and underwear is available. Once wearing it, you will feel very comfortable.
You can select white lolita stocking and black shoes. Also brown shoes is available. You can visit ocrun.com for the details, which will be satisfied you. Make sure to show off your beauty with lolita dress.


The development of Lolita Bloomer

In the past, many young ladies are shy to accept lingerie. It is often a secret when young ladies wear beneath their clothing for themselves to enjoy. A movement started during the middle and late Victorian period . It is called the rational dress movement. It is aimed to create clothing and styles for women who were more practical than the common fashions. Since then, Lolita Bloomers became the one of important garments introduced through the movement, and gradually popular among women involved in the dress reform and women;s rights movement.

In the 1910s and 1920s, women began to wear bloomers as undergarments. In some situation, Lolita Bloomer can be adopted as an athletic garment for women to play sports and bicycle in. Lolita Bloomer has become a fashion throughout the world now.

Nowadays, Lolita Bloomers display with various style, form and motifs. It is a common feature for Lolita Bloomer to include lace, satin, silk or nylon, panties, nighties bras and knickers, which is very cute, elegant and modest. It becomes more and more popular to more young ladies. You can visit ocrun.com for the details, and it will give you a big surprise. Good luck to you!


The Gothic Victorian Lolita Makes You Amazing

Victorian fashion comprises the various fashions and trends in British culture that emerged and grew in province throughout the Victorian era and the reign of Queen Victoria, a period which would last from June 1837 to January 1901. Covering nearly two thirds of the 19th century, the 63 year reign would see numerous changes in fashion. In every girl's mind, victorian fashion is also girl's another bright attitude about fashion: honorable, elegant, feminine, and everything single word of grace. Every girl is Princess. Princess should have her own unique Victorian dress. Now i will show you one of gothic victorian clothing for women.

Look at the Hot Sale Classic Blue Gothic Victorian Dress, which is gorgeous and elegant. The colour is beautiful. It is made of satin. Once wearing it, you will see an amazing look in the mirror. If you do not like colour, you can visit ocrun.com, and you will find many Lolita dresses for your reference. 

In order to get a lean and mean look, you have the options here; the cosplay costumes as well as the other patterns. The specification appears to be various, and the choice is really a long range to follow. When you wish to make something great, it is still not far away from you; just а matter of a few clicks and that is all. The different cheap cosplay costumes cool shade with all related accessory is available, just have to choose the same.

Different types of Lolita Fashion

Elegant Gothic Aristocrat (EGA) is a fashion style created by Mana, a famous Japanese singer. It is sold at his store, Moi-même-Moitié. The clothing is usually colored in black, white, and other dark, natural colors, to express a image of elegance and aristocratic nobility. The clothes are generally simple and tight, with pants or long skirts that obviously distinguish from Lolitas dress. Even though generally considered to belong to the Japanese gothic and lolita subculture, EGA can be thought of as part of the visual kei music scenes as well. Older gothic and lolita will prefer EGA when they feel that they are outgrowing the subculture. Many of these people will turn to EGA as a more mature alternative.
EGL or Elegant Gothic Lolita is also a Lolita style created by Mana. Many girls who wear this are fans of Mana or Malice Mizer. The style has a more fit, grown up feeling and often heavier make-up. This kind of Lolita cloth is generally from Mana's clothing line Moite or other clothes that look like it.
To a certain extent, Kodona is the male’s version of lolita. It is also called “Prince” in Japan. Typical male clothes such as trousers, knee socks, boots, and even long shirts, and jackets with long tails are all worn. This style is suitable for both boys and girls. Dandy Is very similar to Kodona, but is a more grown-up style.
This is another male-type lolita style; the adult version of Kodona. Dandies often wear well-fit suits and vest just like young man in early 19th century.
Kimono Lolitas/Wa loli
Wa-loli is a combination of Kimono style and Lolita fashion. They often wear simplified Kimono tops with a Lolita skirt. The Kimono Lolitas strive to be elegant and beautiful, and it present in their behavior and language.
Punk Lolitas wear mostly red and black clothes that often have elaborate screenprinting. Buckles, safety pins, and torn clothes are common, giving them a deconstructed look.


Concept of Lolita dress

For people who are new to the concept of Lolita dresses, it is important to have a proper understanding of the several elements of the outfit to ensure that you dress up in the right manner. The outfit has key elements such as accessories which are to be worn on the head, the blouse, skirt, bloomers, socks and shoes. You can visit ocrun.com and you will find the series of Lolita, which will be satisfied you. If you have dreamy Lolita dress, it is also ok for you to sent the picture and the details to custom made service. Your dreamy Lolita dress will arrive as soon as possible.

To start off with from the top, Lolitas usually wear small or large bows, hair corsages or a vintage hat. The Alice Bow is a rather popular style of a large bow that gives away an empowering look. Lolita blouses uk are designed as to expose minimum amount of skin and come with a Peter Pan style collar. Lolita skirts are bell shaped, resting at two inches above the knee or perhaps longer. The bell shaped pattern depends a lot on the petticoat worn underneath the skirt. Similarly, Lolita bloomers add to the modesty of the outfit, covering up the interiors, making the outfit comfortable. One can pick bloomers in colours that match perfectly well with the entire outfit to help camouflage them. Lolitas also opt to cover their bare legs with knee length socks, stockings, printed tights and though unlikely, in some cases, they may even be seen wearing ankle length socks with frilled lace. Lolita shoes are similar to pumps, with rounded toes, rather chunky with thick heals or platforms. If you are not comfortable with heels, you can opt for flat footwear too.

Lolita dresses are complete only with the proper inclusion of Lolita blouses, Lolita skirts, petticoats, Lolita bloomers, socks and Lolita shoes. Other accessories such as headwear are subject to change, with the wearer picking a sub style of Lolita clothing that appeals to her. Just have a try and do your best to be the most fashional Lolita. Come on!


Find the Black Gothic Punk Dresses for Party

Gothic look is one famous style for parties that you can adopt. The gothic lolita dresses are perceived to be that of darkness and gloom. Gothic costumes ideas can be found easily online and there are various options that can be easily found for kids, teen and adults.

Nowadays, it has become fashion statement to keep gothic Victorian dresses in the wardrobes. Such clothing symbolizes the social, economical and ethical picture of the golden era. Apart from keeping wearer fascinated, the costumes exhibit how much the wearer is fashion trendy. In the era, people used to wear dresses and accessories according to their financial and social status.Now i will show you a pure white long cotton vitorian lolita dress for your reference.

The best part about opting gothic punk dresses for parties is that you can take almost any sort of costume and make it gothic with the thought of make it black and dark. Black clothing, black shoes or boots, gloves and so on. If а color is desired a dark blue or purple would work and a bright colour option would be a red or hot pink.

If you want to get more Lolita dresses, welcome to visit ocrun.com. You will find many different styles of Lolita dresses, which will be satisfied you! Good luck to you!


Try to make your hair curl

As you know, the hair plays a key role in your beauty. How to make your hair beautiful? There are a number of ways, the easiest is definitely to get lolita wigs or a pair of clip-in extensions. You don't have to spend a couple hours carefully balancing a hot curling iron over your head to get those hard-to-reach spots, all you have to do is tuck your real hair up and pop on a wig. These curls are also pretty much never going to go flat, they'll always remain springy and perky.

The most classic spiral curl for Lolitas is the tight, highly styled spiral curl. These are typically perfect looking. Shiny strips of perfectly flattened hair curled into an impeccable spiral and held that way with lots and lots of hair spray. Or, probably more often than not, a very well cared for wig. This is the most "doll like" of the spiral curl, for it's perfect and near artificial look. Often seen down, but also in a pair of pigtails, this style is more suited for Classic Lolita, Gothic Lolita, or any kind of old school style

You can also style your own hair by using a very thin curling iron and a whole lot of hairspray. I can't tell you the best thing to do for your type of hair, but typically what you want to do is start off with a very thin curling iron, work with small sections of hair, hold the iron vertically and gently shake the curls off of it once they are set, then spray it with hair spray. There are tons of tutorials and videos about this online for lots of different kinds of hair, so look around and experiment to find the best one for you and your hair!.


Beautiful in Black

Do you like black? Maybe some people will say”No, I like red and pink”. Yes, many people, especially most girls, like pink and red very much. They are so lovely and sweet. In my opinion, the black colour for Victorian gothic Lolita dresses is beautiful. It looks very sexy, slim and mature. Now I will show you one of victorian style clothing for your reference.

Look at the Elegant and Graceful Black Gothic Style Gown. Fatal black attraction! Bows, multi layer lace, it's hard to not be different from others. I like it very much. It is so unique, which show you a black world. Black is not so sweet but elegant and gorgeous. In addition, you can wear a white shoe to match this Lolita dress. It will make you very refresh. Also brown shoes are available. Just have a try! Once wearing it, you will be more beautiful and charming, which will show a big surprise to your friends. If you want to get more Lolita dresses, welcome to visit ocrun.com. You will find many different styles of Lolita dresses, which will satisfied you. Also you can send a picture of Lolita dresses you like, and it is convenient to custom made for you! Good luck to you!


Wearing your Lolita dress to work

As you know, Lolita dress is popular among many girls. At first, it is my pleasure to show you a Lolita for your reference.

Look at the Black Short Sleeves Lace Bow Cotton Sweet Lolita Dress. To give a sweet feeling and style,a bow is decorated on the front side of neckline.Three layers of lace floats at the body of this lolita dress. It is made of cotton and the underskirt is included with this lolita dress. In my opinion, it is suitable for you to go to work with dressing it.

Also, Think about what you'll be asked to do at work. If you work with food, machinery, or pretty much anything that could spill or leak, don't do it! Use common sense! Many work places if not all have dress codes or uniforms, so make sure your boss is okay with it. If they are, then that's great! Watch your skirts, they can easily knock over displays or get caught. Most everything from above also applies to work. You also might want to leave your wigs and OTT makeup off for the day, as customers and co-workers can be put off by these things especially.

As for styles, I think pretty much anything can work as long as it's not too over the top. Classic is a lot more "normal" for people that don't know anything about the fashion as it passes for vintage style. Casual probably would work best as well as it would be more comfortable. The most important thing is to be comfortable and your outfit be functional. Have fun and don't be afraid to try wearing Lolita to work sometime!


How to choose Lolita dress?

As you know, there are many different styles of Lolita dresses. To some Lolita newers, it is very hard to select Lolita dress. There are some tips for your reference. Hope it is useful for you!

Firstly, make sure with which style you want to express and know about each characteristic of Lolita fashion family. Otherwise, selecting your Lolita style based on your personality will be extremely preferable.

Secondly, what themed parties you will attend also decide mostly your Lolita style, makeup and accessories. Sweet Lolita dress may be the most appropriate for happy Christmas. But regardless of styles and parties, remember the guiding principle of Lolita fashion is cuteness and elegance; no sex and too much skin exposure is allowed.

Lastly, if you are not a good handwork and lack of patience, don't make your dress by yourself in the face of low cost, as you may waste much more than purchase one. There are still many approaches for you to get a cheap and quality Lolita dress. You can check some secondary market where some people sell their collection at the cheap price but good quality, if you don't care a little flaw. Online stores are also available, such as ocrun.com.


The color Shoes to match the Pink Lolita Dress

Many people like pink dress, which looks very comfortable. The color shoes you wear with a pink dress can vary significantly based upon personal style, as well as the event. The shoes can change the overall look of an outfit, as heels send a different message than boots or Mary Jane shoes. The shade of pink makes a difference as well. Hot fuchsia looks much different than powder pink, which will affect the color of shoe. Now I will show you one of sweet Lolita dresses for your reference.

Now look at the 2012 Pink Puff Sleeves Cotton Sweet Lolita Dress, which pink colored and puff sleeves designed. It features its cross straps, bow decoration, white strips on the front and white two layer hemline design. It is made of cotton and the underskirt is available. I like very much.

Large, chunky black boots paired with this pink dress that falls to the knee or above can create a punk rock or gothic chic. Adding fishnet stockings makes a decidedly bold statement. Smaller, subtle jewelry will still give the outfit a feminine look, even though the black boots are a stark contrast to the pink dress. Black shoes with a 2-inch heel are usually considered the safest option to wear with this pink dress, as long as the accessories tie the outfit together. Just try it and good luck to you!


Do you know about gothic Lolita?

Gothic Lolita began to be popular among Japanese schoolgirls who were inspired by the band Malice Mizer and in particular by Mana, the effeminate guitarist of the band. He wore black and white ruffled dresses, false eyelashes and heavy white makeup. In addition to the traditional Gothic Lolita look, which was heavy on the Goth in black or white dresses, clunky black shoes, and dark makeup, there is also Sweet Lolita, bursting with ruffled and pastels; Elegant Gothic Lolita, a corseted Victorian style; and Schoolgirl Lolita, favoring pleated skirts and knee socks. Black and white were a classic bench mark of the Gothic Lolita style, which can be elegant, sweet and classic.

The Elegance Black and White Gothic Victorian dress features its short sleeves and simple silhouette design. And the silk ribbon makes it more elegant. The colour is a perfect combination of black and white, which looks more fashion. This style is popular among girls pursuing fashion and lovely. When wearing it, you will increase more confidence and beauty. Also, if you want to know more about gothic Lolita dresses, please kindly feel free to let me know. It is my pleasure to share good things to you! Do your best to show best look to your friends, and you will get more loves from them. Good luck to you!


Classic Lolita making you generous and elegant

When you are in the street, you will see more charming girls and maybe you will admire them very much. Do you want to make yourself generous and elegant? It is best choice for classic Lolita dress. As the name stated, classic lolita is the most elegance series in all lolita dresses. Its design likes the noble young women in Britain of 19th century, not only classic and elegance but also pure and sweet.

Classic lolita uses pure color for cloth mainly also, but it must be simple and elegant, can’t be glare. Other than white, black, pink, blue the four basic colors, all kind of beautiful flower-patterned cloth are also favored choice of Classic lolita.Now look at Cotton Red Ruffles Classic Lolita Dress for your reference.

In a word, Classic Lolita dress is not simple but conciseness. Because this style is generous and elegant, it’s more suitable than other lolita dresses to wear in ordinary life and more acceptable by parents and folks. When young girls are tired of exaggerated Sweet lolita and unusual Gothic lolita, Classic lolita will sure become their obligatory and final choice. It is suitable for the young mature women who are over 20 with work and life experience.


Lolita dress is your best gift for your girlfriend

Maybe some boys are worried about gift for their girlfriends. They do not to know what is best for their girlfriends to express their hot loves. In my opinion, Lolita dress is your best choice.

Lolita is a Japanese street fashion inspired primarily by the clothing and general aesthetics of the Rococo and Victorian periods. This fashion movement started in Japan in the 1980's and has evolved greatly since. Nowadays Lolita Fashion has grown to be relatively popular all over the world and not only the streets of Japan.

Many girls like wear fashion and beautiful dress. So Lolita dress is your best choice. Now I will show you one of gothic Victorian Lolita dress for your reference.

Look at the Long Black Square Neckline Victorian Dress which features its sleevless and ruffled neckline, ribbon decoration makes this dress so beautiful. Black is a classic color, to be a graceful woman.Hope it is useful to you! If you want to know more about Lolita dress, welcome to visit ocrun.com. There are many kinds of Lolita dresses, which will give you a big surprise. Once your girlfriends received your gift, they maybe will give you a big hug and regard you her prince. Good luck to you!


Sharing a gothic Lolita with you

Gothic Lolita is just one of the dozen or more derivative styles of Lolita fashion; it happens to also be one of the most popular. As you might have guessed, Gothic Lolita combines Lolita and Goth fashion; generally darker Victorian infused feminine clothing. It’s one of the many forms of fashion around the world that appeals specifically to women. You know, it is a bit off subject, but isn’t it funny that in every other species on earth, it’s the males that have the distinguishing features, colors, patterns, horns, and physical attributes that draw in the drab colored females. Humans are totally backwards; women wear the brightly colored feathers.

The gothic lolita is full of mystery and lure, both Luxuriant and dark. About death, about horror, about mystery, about riddle, these are all the Gothic lolita try to express. What’s more, it looks very slender and beautiful. I like it very much. Do you want go back to the past? This Gothic Victorian Dress has attractive classic vintage design decorated to express atmosphere of ancient myth. So please kindly dress up the gothic Lolita to be a gentlewoman, which maybe will bring a big surprise to you. Good luck to you!


Lolita & Make-up

Maybe many girls want to get more and more knowledge about makeup of Lolita and make yourself more and more beautiful and charming. Now there are some tips about it.

1. Wash your face with a light cleanser.

2. Apply concealer on any blemish, cut, impurity, under eye bags, etc. Don't go overboard!
3. Apply liquid foundation on the whole face, be careful not to smudge off the concealer. Be sure to get your neck and the sides of your face.

4. Apply a light blush to these spots. It is subtle and barely noticeable, but makes a difference overall! Use a light pink if you are light toned, a light lavender-pink if you have olive tones.

5. Apply bronzer here to give you more definition. Brown or dark gold are best.

6. Apply highlight to these areas, using a white, shimmer pink, or gold.

7. Last part for the complexion! Add blush to these spots. Sweep, don't make circles. Always use sweeping motions, never "draw" on your face. Baby pink, medium pink, or red are best. Avoid bright blushes, which will look goofy. In addition, you may want to apply a translucent finishing powder to help blend.

8. For the eyes, apply a medium brown eye shadow. Make a line along the top of the lid using the shadow. You may want to wet your brush to make it more definite.

9. Line the under eye and the corner of the top lid in a dark brown. Don't use black eyeliner if you are light skinned!

10. Add mascara, or if you like attach false eyelashes.

11. If you have eyebrows, use a little eyebrow gel to make them neat and defined.

12. Apply a red or pink lipstick and blot with a tissue and Add lip gloss to the circled areas above.

The above mentioned is detailed steps and key points on comprehensive lolita makeup. You can have a try and be charming and beautiful women.