Why you would like classic lolita dresses ?

Classic Lolita would give you frilly blouses with pretty detailing are lovely, and lace and ribbons which are considered to be an added bonus. If Classic Lolita is your thing, then you can team white blouses with black skirts, but black can be paired up with any color. Normal Lolita colors are white, off white, beige or cream and pastels. Sleeve designs to look for are long sleeves that are wider at the bottom, they can also be long sleeves that are poufy at the top and wider at the bottom that come in tighter around the middle of your arm and some are short poufy sleeves that. Other than that, short sleeved blouses would be an option but it is best to try long sleeves. But if you find one that looks right, wear it. Tutus and petticoats are used to pad out your skirts as well. If they do, it's just to pad them out a little more. Tutus are in fashion to wear over jeans or tights. It would worth investing in at least one petticoat for longer skirts and a tutu for shorter skirts. Combining the tutu under the petticoat for a practicality is also nice. The average petticoat is too long for a shorter skirt, find or make yourself a tutu, which is just a shorter alternative. Look at the Sleeveless Square Neck Elegant Lolita Dress, it is my first lolita dress. It is made of cotton and very comfortable to wear. I still like it very much no.

These are worn under skirts, of course, and usually come in three lengths: normal socks, ones that come just under the knee, and ones that come over the knee. If you wear a shorter skirt, show where the sock ends is cute and flirty. Longer skirts are fine, of course. If you wear longer skirts, however, you may as well just wear tights if you wear the longer length, but each to your own preference. For a bit of Punk Lolita, you could try alternate colors. For a schoolgirl look, wear them baggy. We want to make sure that you and the costume ensemble of your choice will define your goal to interpret your Lolita fantasies. With our service and passion to create what you need, we would carry out the appearance and symbolic personality of your character into real life and that everything would be fit for your Cosplay conventions, contests, parties and other events. Definitely, we want you and your costume to be really special!


International Lolita Day: Winter 2012

On December 1st, the New York City lolitas celebrated International Lolita Day by enjoying a Christmas-themed tea at a upscale Victorian teahouse in Manhattan, Lady Mendl’s. It was a gorgeous turn of the century townhouse, probably not unlike the one my grandmother grew up in during Victorian-era Brooklyn. It was decorated with glittering Christmas trees, cozy fires in every grate, and some very cute butler-style staff who poured tea and made mimosas. It was really a lolita’s perfect idea of a winter holiday party.

Pictured above are my two lovely friends, Crystal and Rune, as well as a candid shot Caitlin took of me at the tea table!

Dinner was in courses, featuring first an amuse-bouche of butternut squash mini quiche topped with baked Parmasean, followed by an array of tea sandwiches and then scones with clotted cream or jam. The dessert was a cream-soaked cake of mille feuille layers.

This is what I wore for International Lolita Day! Normally I would have worn my Liz Lisa heels, but the forecast was for snow, and New York City sidewalks in slush with four inch heels seemed impractical, to put it lightly. I’m wearing:

Blouse, hairbow, pearl necklace: Baby the Stars Shine Bright; Salopette, ring: Angelic Pretty; boots: Yesstyle.com; everything else, offbrand

These boots are so comfortable. I wanted a simple boot that would go with both my lolita and daily wear wardrobe, so I chose these soft grey low-heeled boots adorned with ribbons on the side. I can wear them with just about anything, and I do. Soft grey, I’ve decided, is my chosen neutral over black, brown or beige. It usually matches any pastel without being as sharp as black, and it goes with any hair color I end up with.

Unfortunately, not many of my photos came out in the dim cozy lighting of either Lady Mendl’s or the Aspen Social Club, a midtown bar and restaurant we hit up afterwards. Here’s one of my few favorites –  Black Cotton Gothic Lolita Dress
This lolita dress is designed with a spaghetti neckline,and you can see the bow on the spaghetti,which makes me look more graceful.When i put on the gothic Lolita dress,i will feel soft.The dress will bring me a new attitude.

This International Lolita Day I’m so thankful for my friends. My girls in the city are really more like my family than any other friends I’ve had before. I know they’ve got my back, and they’re the only girls who like both my sass and my adorkable. So thanks to them all, especially Crystal and Dalin for running the tea party meetup, and wicked props to Amber for running such a huge event the same day! You girls are the best.

What did you all do for International Lolita Day? Did you meet up with friends, or enjoy Lolita Day quietly at home?


Holiday Touches For Lolita Outfits

The holidays are just around the corner and some of us are probably already heading to holiday parties, if not just trying to add some festivity to their outfits to get into the holiday spirit.

    Pick a print with a holiday motif. This is a surefire way to add some holiday touches to your outfit, but it's also the most expensive, and the least practical if you want a very versatile closet. Many brands will have, at one point or another, released either a Christmas themed print, or a winter-themed printed. 
    Go with jewel tones. Deep red and deep green are the iconic holiday colors, but other rich jewel tones can really set the mood for the holidays too! Jewel tones are rich, warm, colors that are perfect for this cold time of year.
    Choose velvets, satins, or brocades. Lustrous and luxurious fabrics are a great way to add some festivity to your outfit because they often have a "party dress" feel to them. If you can't justify getting a whole dress out of a lustrous fabric, try something like a high quality satin blouse or a velvet bolero to add a bit of luster to your outfit!
    Add some gold! This is probably the quickest and easiest way to add some holiday touches to your outfit. The best part about gold is that it can go well with most any color or style, and as a bonus, a few gold colored accessories can be picked up for a very cheap price! Try painting your nails gold to finish off the look! The Graceful Golden Gothic Victorian Dress is your best choice.It is made of Satin and others, which makes the dress more elegent and beautiful. It is floor length and it is very suitable for you to wear it to go to a party.

    Compliment your outfit with fur. Faux or not, fur adds a cozy wintertime look to any outfit. Anything from a fur stole, to a fur collar, to fur trim can add a little bit of winter warmth to an outfit!
    DIY something! Head out to the craft store and pick up some holiday craft supplies! Anything from faux poinsettia, to plastic glitter snowflakes even, to cute Christmas ornaments to turn into brooches or to perch in a hairstyle can be picked up relatively cheaply and turned into something cute!


casual Lolita style for daily wear

Today I'm being lazy. Not working nor meeting my friend. So I thought maybe I should update my blog.
As I mentioned before, I wear Lolita as daily basis. I will only wear something normal when I'm meeting my client. I even wear Lolita to meet my parents in law. Although they were shocked when they first saw me in Lolita. But now they love my style!!!
How did I do it? Let me teach you. First, started with something more casual. Maybe added one or two pieces of Lolita items. Gradually increase the items until your parents or friends or mother in law accepted your style.
For myself, as much as I want to wear a full gear of Lolita, I know how other people judge us by our appearance .
So usually I would tune down a bit when I wear Lolita to buy grocery at local supermarket.
This is one of example of my casual Lolita style.
For my daily wear. I'm wearing one of most common color -BLACK!

Look at this Black Bows Ruffles Cotton Gothic Lolita Dress, it is one of my likes from ocrun.com.

Yes, you probably realized the word "ocrun.com". I love ocrun stuff. One of the reason they carries different size and some of the item such as blouse and cardigan are quite well made and useful.

So you don't have to spend tone of money on brand dress but you can still be a nice lolita.


Working on My Style!

Hello, everyone. I wanted to post today about the recent events i've gone to, but at the same time, I want to talk about finding one's style within lolita, especially finding myself in lolita.

Last year, I had issues finding my style. Many of the outfits I wore, did not make me feel happy, or feel like myself. However, this year, I decided to take it slow, and now, I feel like I am heading somewhere, into a style I am feeling happy about. In the beginning of the year, I told myself that I would take it one step at a time, and I did. The Pretty Ruffled Black and White Punk Lolita Dress is my best choice. I started by rearranging my closet. I didn't color coordinate it but I separated my skirts, JSKs, and OP based on style. From sweet to classic. In part I could thank being accepted to FIDM because it's so close to the fashion district, and when I went fabric shopping or browsing, I tried to focus more on the floral prints and such. I figured you can't get anymore classic style than buying florals. To me that's a basic staple.

Also with Anime expo, I was able to create lots of merchandise, which i fell in love with. I had to keep some of the merchandise for myself and I was happy. Also, I bought some flower pins and broaches, and star pins and broaches, things I preferred. I feel that if you pick things you really like that are really you, you tend to find out that you can apply them to lolita as well. It turns out the bear items I had went well together in one coord and the florals in almost everything I had. It was a great investment. Also I created a theme for myself. Now I feel like my coords are more me and I am happy.

I still believe that I am improving with each coordination, and hope one day I'll be as cute or great as the better lolitas on EGL and the Inspirational Japanese lolitas.



Look at the Classic Princess Red Gothic Victorian Dress, which is So gorgeous and elegant. The anatomy of a Lolita is really important: the blouse, the dress, the socks, the headbow or bonnet... But let’s not forget another important thing too: the hair! I always love to see what people did with their hair and I often see wonderful creations that inspire me. Especially advertisements show Lolitas with some amazing hairdos! So I thought I should write a little blogentry about haircuts that inspire me. I chose five pictures from my Lolita folder with hairdos I really like (+ a little title I made up) and wrote down why I like them so much! ^^

1. Jewelry Jelly Curly Curls. The hair of the model is pulled up into big, curly tails, partially covered by an even bigger bow. A part of her hair falls down in perfect longer curls. I love this haircut so much, since it combines the ‘standard’ fringe, bangs and big curly tails with loose, curled hair until about half of the upper body part. I would love to try this haircut myself, although it won’t be this voluminous.

2. Memorial’s Butterfly Curls. The atmosphere of this picture is quite dreamy. The beautiful blue Memorial Cake dress emphasizes this even more. The interesting colour of the model’s hair (a bit honey-/orangecoloured) really draws a lot of attention. The hair is long and subtlely curled, including the long, broad bangs. The pink butterflies in her hair are also present on the bonnet, making it a perfect combination. This hairstyle is probably easier to do.

3. Puff Puffs. Beside the fact I adore this picture and the dress the model is wearing (wishlistdress, yay!), I also really love her hair. Two tails got teased and curled to the max, although it seems they only exist of curls. The big bow in the middle finishes everything perfectly.

4. Misako’s Sweet ’n Short. You gotta love Misako! She always looks adorable and so well-coordinated. In this picture she has short hair for a change. She curled her hair, creating a playful but sweet look that suits the bonnet really well.

5. Dark Coffee Hair. The last picture shows another one of my Dream Dresses: Milky Berry. The model wearing the dress has quite the ‘standard’ hairdo, but hey: I like the standard hairdo! Long curls and a straight fringe... The thing I love the most is the fact that both the dress and the background are quite a light colour, but the haircolour is a deep coffeebrown. This contrast makes it perfect to me!

Do you like my choices for pictures? Or maybe not? Do you have any inspiring hairpictures? I would love to know!
Oh, I just realised I both used the words ‘fringe’ and ‘bangs’. I’m always a bit uncertain about these words. I thought ‘fringe’ meant the straight cut hair on your forehead and ‘bangs’ the longer hair beside your face. Is that right?


What if you don’t have the confidence to wear Lolita because you are afraid what other people might think of you?

Well that is also one dilemma which had faltered many Muslims. I cannot say to you that you should ignore what people think of you because the feeling will always be there even if you try really, really hard to not mind what people think.

How about trying reverse psychology on yourself? Are you afraid that people might think you’re weird? Freeky? Retarded? Then Reverse those sneers and take it as a compliment, that’s what I always do. I know it’s hard but try and you’ll get the hang of it.

Think of it like this. If people say or think that you are weird then say to yourself, “That’s good, weird stands out and only brave people stands out so weird is bravery.” There, problem solved. Would the person who thinks you’re weird have the guts to stand out? No, they want to fit in. I’ve always have the impression of people who wants to blend in with the crowds are people who’s minds are simple. People who want to be different, who don’t like being the same and most people are, those are the people with creative and interesting minds.

I like the Well made Ruffled Black and White Cotton Lolita Suit very much, and i wear it everywhere. In my opinion, more and more people will purpue fashion...


Wondering In Wonderland

I wonder a lot. I wonder every day and every possible moment. I wonder about the strangest things, but also about normal things. I wouldn’t say it’s a bad thing, to be honest. Yes, sometimes I’m a bit too much of a dreamer, but I’m still down to earth. I think. I actually believe wondering makes me a better person. I even like the verb ‘to wonder’. In my language, we only ‘ask ourselves’, we don’t ‘wonder’.

Because I wonder so much, I wonder in chains of things. A ‘wonderchain’ could look like this:
I wonder what kind of weather it will be tomorrow -> I wonder what kind of weather it is in Paris -> I wonder what the Parisians are doing now -> I wonder if I’ll go back to Paris anytime soon -> I wonder if I’ll have money then -> I wonder if I’ll buy things at Angelic Pretty -> I wonder if I’ll buy things at Baby, the Stars Shine Bright too -> I wonder what the shopworkers are doing -> I wonder if I’ll ever work in a shop -> I wonder if I’ll ever make a lot of money -> I wonder if I’ll buy gothic loli dress then... And it goes on and on and on.

Sometimes it tires me, especially when I lie in bed and I want to sleep. I have plenty of time to wonder then, since there is nothing else to occupy me. Thoughts race through my head, and I need to tell myself to slow down and try to sleep. The next morning I wake up and everything starts again.

My wonderchains aren’t always positive. They sometimes drag me into a current of negative thoughts, taking me further and further away from happiness. This is usually gone the next morning, since I always live ‘with the moment’.

Does anyone else have wonderchains like me? If you don’t, try it some day! Switch from one thought to the next that has something to do with the previous one. How far can you come? I once got from Picasso to sandals. ^^

The picture is unrelated. I just thought that girl looks so incredibly cute! I wonder who she is? I wonder where she got all those balloons? I wonder who blew the air into them? Who knows...?


What Do I Want More Than Anything Right Now

I tend to try to keep the content on my blog lighthearted and fun, but I just don't feel that today.

This past Thursday, my grandmother passed away. She and my grandfather raised me, sent me to private school and in general tried to ensure that I had a good future. Though we had our fair share of arguments and disagreements with how to live our lives, we still loved each other.

She was also one of my major fashion influences. I remember watching her go to balls as a child in elegant gothic loli clothing, leaving a trail of lovely smelling perfume in the wake of each step. She was the influence behind the elegance I admire so much in lolita.

So, if I had the say the thing I want the most right now, it would be to see her once more and hold her in my arms, telling her that I love her and that I appreciate what she's done for me. Just one moment.


Surviving The Ice Age

Cold weather really is upon us! I didn't think this post was necessary, since I thought the weather was going to improve, but now that it's snowing and absolutely freezing cold once again, it's time to buy everything you thought you could avoid! If you're like me, and you insist on wearing Lolita almost every day, hail, rain, or in this case, snow, then this post goes out to you! Sure, during the last cold snap, we could just all leave Lolita to the side in favour of "normal, practical" clothing, but if this weather is going to last until January, I don't think I'll hold out that long!
So what's a frozen Loli to do? Wrap up, that's what!

    Bloomers: I don't actually own a pair, but I strongly advise that every single Loli going to brave the sub-zero temperatures should wear a pair! If you don't have a pair, they're easy enough to make! A very simple tutorial was posted here.
    Tights: Okay, so the Lolita style usually calls for OTK or just to the knee socks, but seriously now, it's in minus figures! There's serious frost and snow out there! Get yourself a nice pair of thick cotton tights! Penney's sell lovely tights for about €3 a pair. If that's not warm enough, wear lycra tights under them. Nobody's going to see them, and you'll be snuggly and warm, and that's the most important part!
    Hats: Okay okay, so you can't show off your hairbows when you're wearing a hat, but if you have a cute hat, you've nothing to worry about! Beret-style knit hats look really lovely with Lolita, and from what I've seen they're not expensive. Have a peek around the shops, it's easy to find them in many different colours to match your co-ords!
    Gloves/Mittens: Wear them. Really, I don't know about you, but in cold weather, having cold hands is one of the worst things. Your hands seize up from the cold, and that's never fun! They're cheap, cheerful, and most of all, they're warm.
    Scarves: You probably have one already, so if you do, for the love of frills, wear it! I've actually heard people say that scarves are 'so not rori'. Righto, you can go off and freeze, we'll be here with our scarves being cozy, have words with Baby about their scarves too, heh heh. But seriously, don't underestimate a scarf, it could be the difference between being healthy and catching a nasty cold.

Coats are also essential to winter Lolita attire. lolita accessories pale pink, too. You don't have to fork out a fortune on a brand coat, as lovely as they are. If you trawl through the shops, you'll probably find something suitable. If not, Bodyline have some coats from last Winter going at a fairly reasonable price.
A coat is all great, but don't forget to wear layers! Several layers of thin clothes can be better than one or two bulky layers for insulation. Depending on how very cold it is, you could wear a camisole, then your blouse, JSK, cardigan, and coat, and of course, everything else!

Footwear Health & Safety
Ok, I know you're all decently sensible Lolis, but I just want to stress something.
DO NOT wear high shoes of any description. Please, I beg of you! Icy footpaths and impaired balance don't go well together. I know, you might look fabulous, but you won't look fabulous when you're smushed into the roadside slush! Wear shoes with flat soles, and tread carefully! If you wear Rocking Horse Shoes and go out into the winter tundra, you're sure to find yourself in a world of hurt.

Okay, now that I feel that I've contributed to what you probably know already, I'm going to figure a route to school without dying on the footpaths.

Have fun, and stay warm!